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Define Control, Take Control over Your Network: iPrism Computer and Employee Internet Monitoring Software
iPrism is an industry leader for computer and Employee Internet monitoring software for schools, libraries, businesses , and organizations of any size and network type. iPrism is more than computer and Internet monitoring software; it is a scalable, centralized, dedicated monitoring appliance. iPrism anticipates every computer and Internet monitoring software issue and responds with admin-friendly tools:

  • Extremely easy integration with any network environment, multiple platforms, even open networks with personal laptops and other computers outside IT control. Just plug iPrism Internet monitoring system in-line with the firewall, and every single packet of traffic on the network is filtered. Unlike software filters alone, no computer and Internet monitoring software needs to be installed or updated on any computer in the network.
  • Category-based computer and Internet monitoring software. Every web page is identified by keyword filtering and categorized by topic in the iGuard database. iGuard is the only 100% fully human-reviewed URL database, so the content and context of every web page are correctly identified, even if they are image-rich (and keyword light), meaning fewer false positives or false negatives.
  • Fine-grained control over blocked pages. iGuard classifies individual pages into categories. Even if one page on a site is classified in a blocked category, other pages of the site are still available.
  • User profiles for different types of access. User profiles allow different types of users to have different computer and Internet monitoring software rules based on monitored and blocked categories, safe searching, even time of day.
  • Secure enforcement for user policies. iPrism computer and Internet monitoring software helps enforce acceptable use policies for web browsing and instant messaging, both as legal compliance and human resources policy.
  • Reporting and real-time computer and Internet monitoring software. Advanced reporting tools with an easy-to-use web interface make it easy to generate reports about network use, such as how long users are on the web, what sites are visited and blocked, when overrides are used, and what files are downloaded. You can get computer and Internet monitoring software information for the entire network, a user profile, or an individual person or IP address. The Real-Time computer and Internet monitoring software tracks the same information as reporting to monitor current network use.

iPrism Internet access monitoring and filtering combines the adaptability and control of computer and Internet monitoring software with the network compatibility of hardware filters and the convenience of hosted services. iPrism Internet access monitoring filtering also functions as an outstanding Internet cafe monitoring software and Internet usage monitoring software.

EdgeWave is proud to announce the release of our Mobile Device Security solutions for employees who engage in business on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Also review or new Social Media Security products for corporations and goverment agencies.

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